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Rules of Engagement


Team Portsmouth Cycling 2012 Safety Rules of Engagement (ROE)


1.     I will wear my helmet during ALL rides

2.     I will maintain my bicycle in a safe condition to ride with other cyclists. Generally speaking this means having the bike inspected quarterly by a local bike shop

3.     Cycling gloves along with other typically cycling attire is highly recommended, although not mandatory

4.     I will exhibit safe riding conduct that is not distracting or unsociable to my follow riders

5.     I will ride no more than 2 abreast and when called to “single up” by another ride member I will do so promptly and as safely as practicable

6.     I may draft, not pace line, behind my fellow rider as long as I DO NOT overlap my front wheel with the leading riders back wheel. I will maintain at least 12 inches of separation between mine and the leading rider’s wheel

7.     I will respect my Team members and others exposed to the team and refrain from any form of verbal, or physical harassment or abuse

8.     I will remember that at all times I am an ambassador for my sport, and Team Portsmouth when riding with them or wearing the team jersey

9.     I will obey all traffic signs and signals as they pertain to cycling

10.  I will constantly communicate with my fellow riders, using proper cycling terms, such as “On your left,” “Car back,” etc.

11.  I  will stay to the right, except to pass and when 2 abreast

12.  I will pass on the left side only and call “on your left” or “passing on the left”

13.  I will, as a general rule, avoid passing on the right and comply with #12

14.  I will communicate out load and use proper signals for slowing and when turning

15.  I will ride in control of my bike at all times (i.e. maintain a reasonable line and being able to stop within a reasonable distance.)

16.  I will ride defensively, in consideration of my fellow riders

17.  I will NOT use Aero bars in a group unless in the lead, or well off to the side or well behind the group

18.  I will point out and call out any road hazards ahead. These include potholes, drain grates, stray animals, opening car doors, debris (sticks or stones), parked cars, etc.

19.  I will follow the instructions of Team ride leads

20.  I will be extremely cautious of drafting anyone I do not know (i.e. NEW rider)

21.  I will balance the extent that I create conversation while riding in a group, since it can become dangerous, especially if it diverts my or other’s focus from riding

22.  Team leaders will also:

a.     Ensure they have a head count throughout the ride so that no one gets accidently dropped and left alone

b.    Monitor riders who begin to struggle and assign another experienced rider with that individual(s), so that they arrive back safety at the end of the ride following our principle that “no one rides alone”

c.     Lead team ride leaders with work with trail ride leaders to monitor and ensure that all rides are successful rides following our 3 guiding principles of safe, supportive and social  



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